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Final video of SuCoHS is available

We are pleased to release the final video of the SuCoHS project.


The SuCoHS project investigates potential weight and cost savings in expanding the use of composite materials in areas of demanding high thermal conditions
(high temperature and fire).

In particular, SuCoHS envisages new structural concepts with novel multi-material composites to provide high resistivity against thermal, mechanical and fire loading. These developments also cater for high production rates, providing a cost competitive manufacturing process at minimum material and energy consumption, while reducing the requirement for visual inspection or rework. New solutions for structural health monitoring are considered within the structures to enable condition-based maintenance taking into account actual loading and structural conditions.

The SuCoHS consortium brings together 14 complementary partners from 7 European countries

Technical universities FHNW and TUHH will support material development activities and probabilistic analyses.

Research centres DLR, NLR and ONERA will investigate new material systems and manufacturing technologies, develop related material models, derive new structural analysis methods and design concepts.

Industrial partners Aernnova, Apodius, Bombardier, NTPT, Collins Aerospace, Synthesites, Transfurans Chemicals and Technobis Fibre Technologies will coordinate testing, validation and demonstration activities.

1 SME L-UP will support the consortium partners in management, communication and dissemination activities.