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The SuCoHS partners have been extremely active in disseminating the project results!

A special session dedicated to SuCoHS was organised at the SAMPE Europe conference on the 29th of September. What’s more, the partners Synthesites presented the project at the virtual event NDT in Aerospace on 5-7 October. The presentations from these events will be soon uploaded on the project website.

Synthesites will continue showcasing the SuCoHS developments in the upcoming events i.e. at the International Conference on Manufacturing of Advanced Composites (ICMAC) on 20-21 of October 2021 and at the International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing for high performance applications (ISCM) on 3-4 November 2021.

We look forward to meeting you during the virtual moments of exchange!

Image copyrights by the events' organisers.

SuCoHS will be present at ICMAC in October and at ISCM in November 2021.