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Feedback from the SuCoHS special session at EASN 2019 Conference

The session was held on 5 September 2019 during the EASN Conference “Innovation in Aviation & Space”.


The primary aim of this event was to offer the SuCoHS presenters a forum to engage with large audience, encourage open exchange of information with fellow delegates and present the latest achievements of the project.


The event proved to be a unique opportunity for the participants to obtain an overview of the recent advancements on the research scene, with 5 presentations showcasing the SuCoHS results. The conference attendees had the opportunity to engage into fruitful discussions and networking with the representatives of research community and industry involved in SuCoHS.


The presentations given during the SuCoHS session can be downloaded below:



More than 450 participants joined the 9th EASN International Conference. 40 Horizon 2020 projects disseminated their latest results as well as the future trends in the respective technological fields. For more information on the event, click here.

EASN Conference 2019 "Innovation in Aviation and Space"